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Books don’t just appear in your hands by magic you know?

They have to be written by someone and someone else has to draw some pictures in them and only then can the book be given to the magician that makes them appear in your hands. See? It’s not as simple as you thought is it?

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Andy Stanton lives in North London. He studied English at Oxford but they kicked him out. He has been a film script reader, a cartoonist, an NHS lackey and lots of other things. He has many interests, but best of all he likes cartoons, books and music (even jazz).

One day he’d like to live in New York or Berlin or one of those places because he’s got fantasies of bohemia. His favourite expression is ‘Good evening’ and his favourite word is ‘captain’. Andy has now written more than one book, but less than ten.

Andy took part in the Scottish Book Trust’s Authors Live event in June 2011, see the full broadcast here.

David Tazzyman lives in South London with his partner Melanie and their 3 sons, Stanley, Atticus and Albert …. He grew up in Leicester, studied illustration at Manchester Metropolitian University and then travelled around Asia for three years before moving to London in 1997.
He likes football, cricket, biscuits, music and drawing. He dislikes celery and changing nappies.

Would you like to see what David gets up to when he’s not drawing baddies with big ginger beards, goblins and the like?  Then visit his website at

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Jammy Lammy Grammy ....  oh, let's just call her POLLY!